iPhone 6 Colored Border Ghost Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 6/6S Ghost Glass Color Screen Protector


Ghost Glass for iPhone 6


Ghost Glass by MIME is a Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector which features FULL edge-to-edge protection as well as HDT-c (High Density Tempered Curved) Glass construction.  Incredibly resilient to damage, Ghost Glass has a technical hardness rating comparable to steel. Please note that these Ghosts will cover the entire face of the iPhone 6, so please ensure that your case does not overlap with the screen for compatibility.


Glass features






Product Description




  • 9H Reinforced Glass
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Anti-chip, rounded edges
  • Easy to install
  • Clean, zero-residue removal
  • Includes Mime Anti-dust pre-installation film
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Zero effect on touch-screen responsiveness
  • Triple layer environmentally friendly packaging
MIME Ghost Glass is constructed of  hardened glass and offers high grade scratch protection. We measure our glass using the Brinell Scale, which characterizes surface hardness of materials.  Ghost Glass’ 1565 BHN rating is comparable to the surface hardness of steel.  This gives it the ability to easily withstand scratches from keys and abuse other sharp objects.  Ghost Glass also features:ingredientlayersWhen it comes to screen protection, MIME Ghost Glass is the premium choice.  The ultimate protection while retaining perfect screen clarity and touch screen responsiveness. No orange peel, no rainbow effect, no sacrifices.  MIME Ghost Glass tempered glass construction is shatter resistant for enhanced safety.