iPhone 6 Metal Glass

iPhone 6/6S Metal Glass Screen Protector


Metal Glass for iPhone 6


Metal Glass by MIME is a Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector reinforced with an aluminum alloy for maximum edge protection. This cover provides FULL edge-to-edge protection as well as a technical hardness rating comparable to steel. Please note that these Metal Glass protectors will cover the entire face of the iPhone 6, so please ensure that your case does not overlap with the screen for compatibility.


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Product Description




  • 9H iPhone 6 9078 Aluminum Alloy Reinforced Glass
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Anti-chip, rounded edges
  • Easy to install
  • Clean, zero-residue removal
  • Includes Mime Anti-dust pre-installation film
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Zero effect on touch-screen responsiveness
  • Triple layer environmentally friendly packaging
MIME Metal Glass reinforces the edges of the glass protector with a lightweight yet incredibly durable aluminum alloy. We have constructed this metal reinforced glass protector to provide maximum protection against edge impact. Our Metal Glass cover includes our signature glass and full edge to edge protection. Metal Glass also features:ingredientlayersWhen it comes to screen protection, MIME Metal Glass is the premium choice.  The ultimate protection while retaining perfect screen clarity and touch screen responsiveness. No orange peel, no rainbow effect, no sacrifices.  MIME Metal Glass tempered glass construction is shatter resistant for enhanced safety.