Nexus 6P Feather-470x470

Nexus 6P Feather+ Glass Screen Protector


Feather+ Glass for NEXUS 6P

The latest evolution in glass protection, MIME Feather+ combines advanced Feather construction methods and the latest in MIME glass technology.  The thinnest and lightest curved-edge tempered glass protector in our lineup, our new Feather+ combines our reformulated superoleophobic coating with anti-chip rounded edges to offer a more streamlined feel while retaining the elite protection of glass construction.


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  • 0.15 mm tempered glass construction
  • Anti-chip curved edges
  • Fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating
  • Easy to install
  • 1565 BHN / 9H Hardness rating
  • Clean, zero-residue removal
  • Includes Mime Anti-dust pre-installation film
  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Zero effect on touch-screen responsiveness
  • Triple layer environmentally friendly packaging
When quality and strength matters most, there is no substitute for the Feather+. Matching our original Feather Glass as our thinnest glass protector to date, it is now also our lightest. Feather+ features curved edges, and offers high grade scratch protection, with its 1565 BHN rating comparable to the surface hardness of steel.  This gives it the ability to easily withstand scratches from keys and abuse other sharp objects.  Feather Glass also features:ingredientlayersWhen it comes to screen protection, MIME Feather+ is the premium choice. MIME’s specialty in glass gives us the edge in glass protection and all of our products retain perfect screen clarity and touch screen responsiveness. No orange peel, no rainbow effect, no sacrifices.  MIME Feather+ tempered glass construction is shatter resistant for enhanced safety.