Terms of Service




By browsing, using, and making any purchases off this website, you are accepting our store policies and our terms of service. MIME reserves the right to make occasional changes within both our store policies and terms of service so please check these pages periodically.



All of your information is used solely for the purposes of processing and completing your order and to ship your order to the appropriate destination. We do not use your information for ANY other purpose other than the ones
described above.

We do not distribute, sell, or rent any of your personal information that is collected during the time of your purchase.


Collected Information During a Purchase

We understand that your personal data must be kept confidential. We take security measures to ensure protection from nefarious recipients. You give us the right to use your information only for completing a purchase and for shipping your item to the location you’ve specified. When you make a purchase, you are required to give us accurate information. If you are using a credit card under a different name and an account, you must have that person’s consent. If you feel as though you’ve made any errors filling out your information, please notify us at support@mimeusa.com before your item is shipped out. If you give us any information that is misleading, it is not our responsibility to correct any part of that missing or misleading information provided by you. Please provide us with your full and accurate information when you are making a purchase.


Order Refusal

We exercise the right to cancel any order you’ve attempted to make. The item you tried to order may have suddenly become unavailable, or we may decide to reject the order for reasons that will be kept confidential. You will be notified by e-mail if your payment has been refused and you will not be charged.